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Legistative Agenda

"Vague goals produce vague results."

Jack Canfield

Marek Kozikowski has been involved with the community for several years now having served on both the Board of Education and Town Council.

Marek hears the concerns from the community and will focus his efforts on key areas that will provide real benefit to South Windsor residents.

Local Zoning

Protect Local Zoning for New Housing Development

As the State Representative for South Windsor, I will work hard to make sure our town's rules about where things can be built stay strong.


I will advocate against any new state laws that would take away our town's power to make our own zoning rules. Right from the start of my time in office, I'll get other lawmakers and people in our community to stand with us against these laws that could weaken our control over zoning.


I'll keep everyone informed on proposals that relate to housing and by reaching out to make sure people know what might happen to our town if these laws pass.

I'll use my position and influence to team up with other lawmakers in the state government to fight against any laws that would weaken our control over zoning.


I will work on creating laws that help with the need for housing across the state while still making sure South Windsor's interests are protected.


It's really important to keep our town special and make sure we have a say in how it grows.


As a State Representative, it's my job to make sure the rules we have reflect what people in our town want and to make sure decisions about what gets built here stay with us.


I promise to do my best to keep our town unique and great for everyone who lives here now and in the future.

School Funding

Increase Funding Support for Our Growing School Population.

As the State Representative for South Windsor, I'll taking charge in getting more funding for our school district, which is growing faster than any other in the state.


My goal is to make sure every student gets a top-notch education without putting too much pressure on our town's budget.


First off, I'm teaming up with school leaders to figure out where we need more money to support the growing number of students. Then, using my position and influence in the Connecticut General Assembly, I'm working with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to push for new laws that give extra funding to school districts like ours that are seeing increasing enrollment. 

Boosting funding for our fast-growing school district is a big deal. It means every student gets the tools and resources they need to succeed.


As a State Representative, it's my job to fight for policies that benefit our community and ensure our schools have what they need to thrive.


I'm pushing to pass laws that give immediate help to our schools and set up a plan for future support as our student population keeps growing.


I'm dedicated to making sure every student in our rapidly expanding district has what they need to succeed academically.

Town Budget

Increase Revenue from the State for the Town Budget

As a State Representative for South Windsor, I'm taking charge of reversing the trend of reduced funding and pushing for more money from the state to support our town's essential services and infrastructure projects.


I'll team up with local and state officials, along with financial experts, to figure out why our funding has been shrinking and how we can get it back on track. We'll dive deep into recent cuts in state funding and figure out where we need more money the most, like in education, public safety, and fixing up our roads and buildings.


I'll also work with lawmakers from all parties to push for new laws that give more funding to towns facing challenges like growing student populations and increased traffic.

In addition to working with officials, I'll reach out to state agencies, advocacy groups, and folks in our community to rally support for grant and programmatic funding. Getting more money from the state is crucial for making sure we can keep our town running smoothly without adding pressure on taxpayers.


It's my job as a State Representative to fight for policies that benefit our community and make sure South Windsor gets its fair share of state resources.

In my first term, my goal is to successfully push for and pass laws that bring more money into our town's budget. By the end of the legislative session, I want to have plans in motion to address our town's immediate funding needs and set up a system for ongoing support from the state.


I'm dedicated to fighting for more state funding for our town and making sure South Windsor has everything it needs to thrive.

Grant Funding

Expand and Support Grant Funding Opportunities

As a State Representative, I'm taking charge of making sure our town has access to more grant programs that can help us out.


I'll start by looking at all the grant programs the state offers and figuring out which ones South Windsor isn't qualified to apply. Then, I'll push for new laws that would open up more funding options for us, especially in areas like fixing up our roads, improving our community spaces, and adding more outdoor recreation opportunities.

I'll leverage my network and work with state agencies, other lawmakers, and people in our community to find and apply for more grants. And I'll work closely with local leaders and groups to advocate for grant applications that will make South Windsor better.

Expanding grant opportunities is important because it means we can tackle big projects with less burden on taxpayers.


As a State Representative, it's my job to fight for policies and money that help South Windsor thrive.


In my first term, I want to make sure we get funding for lots of different projects that will make a real difference here. I'm dedicated to making sure South Windsor has what it needs to grow and succeed.

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