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Independent Approach

"Freedom lies in being bold."

Robert Frost


Marek is unbounded by the national party playbooks  that play a political game that creates winners and losers and causes extremism and devisevness. He has the freedom to think and act independently relying on his experience, skills and abilities to make a real impact for South Windsor.

Marek Kozikowski53_edited.png

Trust in Himself & Trust the Process

Marek has worked as a professional and government official his entire career in planning and development. He understands the process it takes to turn ideas into law and problems into solutions.


Provide Practical & Achievable Solutions

As a third party legislator, Marek is not bound to political agendas and idologies of the major national parties. Marek focus on addressing the issues as the are and develop practical solutions to real problems.

Common Goal (1).png

Find Common Goals & Interests

Marek will leverage existing networks and seek partners in the general assembly and senate from communities with similar goals and needs as South Windsor does.

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